As a person that lived most of his life in the tropic, I have never experienced seasons. For all of you in the temperate regions, this may sound as common as breathing. But try to think for a second what living without seasons could feel like. No noticeable changes in day length along the year, the sun basically rises at around 6 am and sets at around 6 pm for the totality of the 365 days. Yes, we do have dry and rainy seasons though, but the temperature remains relatively constant during the whole year. …


Yesterday, on April 19, 2021, at 07:15 UTC, the NASA’s Ingenuity Team did it. In a moment comparable to the Wright’s Brothers first flight in 1903, a little helicopter, about half a meter high, received the instructions from 287 million kilometers (at the time, Mars-Earth distance varies a lot) away to take off vertically 3 m high, hoover for 40 seconds and then return to original position. They succeeded!

Imagine being on that team, you send the instructions, you know you have to wait around 15 minutes for the signal to reach Mars, then you have no way of telling…


Contemplate this image for a few seconds, realize all the engineering effort, all the technological and scientific progress, the vast amount of human resources that were invested in achieving this photo. We are watching the sunset on ANOTHER PLANET that at its closest point to us is more or less 70 million kilometers away from Earth (here you can see the current Mars-Earth distance). Think about it. Visualize Mars in your mind…that little red dot in the sky, think about what it would be like to approach it little by little until you reach something as immense as a planet…


It is pretty frustrating when you feel you spend so much more time getting the program to work and actually do what you want, than focusing on the creative aspect, isn’t it? Well, been there, done that. Here is what I could gather through reading and watching a bunch of forums, websites, blogs, YouTube tutorials, and more… This works for me, it might not work for you, every human is different. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t stress, keep trying different approaches.

Context: I have a very standard Windows 10 laptop (ASUS X441UV), 2Gb Nvidia Card, Core i7 7th gen…


What does the laptop or smartphone you are reading this on have in common with bacteria? Well, at first glance one would say nothing, that life is a miracle, that it is ridiculous to compare them — burn them! — But the truth is that as we get a better and better understanding of the mechanisms that govern the deepest aspects of living beings [of the cell], we see more and more the resemblance between them and the way a computer works. This is beautifully illustrated by synthetic biology. Let me explain.

Synthetic biology is engineering the crap out of…


Diet and the Earth

In the face of climate change, animal abuse and malnutrition, vegetarianism is the trend. A way to contribute without making disproportionate efforts. Just what humanity needs. Yes, global warming is a reality and food of animal origin have a much greater impact on water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions than food of plant origin [9, 10]. Producing 1 kg of beef requires approximately 15 000 liters (L) of water, while 1 kg of rice requires 2 000 L [12, 13]. In turn, producing 100 grams (g) of beef protein produces approx. 50 kg CO2eq (CO2 equivalent…


There is a silence in the auditorium. They are getting ready to begin. The overture: the bristles of the bows stroke the strings thunderously, the melody is pronounced with fervour. Hairs stand on end, the audience inhales deeply. The brass starts. The conductor leads the dance with an unbridled arm movement. An imposing echo of the 78 instruments generates an emotional roar. Childhood memories, happiness, involuntary smile and a racing heart. Music moves us.

In our brain, the same pleasure centres are activated as when we eat chocolate, have sex or inhale cocaine. But not only does it cause us…

Esteban Pardo

I am a science communicator, biologist, microbiologist, and musician. I like to learn, research and explain things.

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